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Providing you a one-stop shop you can count on is paramount to our Small-Business focused team.

Hanhart AIR - Attract Incentivize and Retain -  benefits solutions for small business

We’ve found innovative solutions, quality product partners and the right mix for Group Health, Voluntary, Compulsory and Ancillary benefits to let our Small-Business Owners and their Employees compete in todays job market. Welcome to Hanhart AIR Benefits.

A Premier Broker Partner with Colonial Life, and one of the leading providers of EMC National Life we've been recognized by both carriers for outstanding service to our clients and leading in growth for our region.  We are humbled.  

Key Man Protection: Deferred Compensation, Private Bonus

Key Employee Protection, often referred to as Key Man Protection, is of paramount importance for small businesses as it serves as a vital safeguard against unforeseen disruptions that could arise from the loss of a crucial team member. In many small enterprises, certain individuals play pivotal roles, contributing their unique expertise, leadership, and knowledge, which are often integral to the company’s success and growth.

Key Employee Protection involves obtaining insurance or other financial mechanisms to mitigate the potential adverse effects stemming from the incapacitation, illness, or untimely death of these indispensable individuals.

By ensuring the continuity of operations, preserving institutional knowledge, and facilitating a seamless transition, Key Employee Protection provides small businesses with a safety net that can significantly mitigate financial and operational risks, enhancing the overall resilience and sustainability of the organization in the face of unexpected challenges.

Group Health Solutions

Small businesses should consider offering group health programs for several compelling reasons. Firstly, providing access to group health insurance demonstrates a strong commitment to the well-being of employees, fostering a positive work environment and potentially aiding in employee retention and recruitment efforts. Group health programs can also help level the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete with larger corporations in attracting top talent. Our main carriers:

Volntary Benefit and Ancillary Partners

Be it a dove-tailed Short-Term/Long-Term Disability Program, an Individual Elective or an Employer Funded Benefits Bank to use where an employee finds value for them and their family: We have the right partners in place to provide the most bang for your benefit dollar..

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