Not Matt or Jana – but a good explanation. We intend to upload our own shortly.

Helping find the right Medicare solution is our pleasure. Matt Maholm and Jana Martino bring nearly 30 years of expereince in finding the right carrier and the right Supplemental Programs for their Medicare Clients. We know if you choose @HanhartAgencyInc you’ve got the right service.

Call (330)343-7767 to schedule with Jana or Matt today. Or Click Here.

Below are links some of the main Medicare Program Carriers that we use regularly depending on client needs. We offer $0 Advantage Plans as well as a full array of Medicare Advantage Programs. We believe firmly in meeting with our clients and making sure they get paired with the right program to fit their specific needs – ensuring you get the right Part A, Part B, Part C or Part D plan to fit your expectations of care and that you understand your program’s Rx Prescription program.

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